Exporter’s credit insurance

Under the scheme “Exporter’s credit insurance”, «KazakhExport» Export insurance company» joint-stock company provides Kazakh Exporter the protection against the risk of loss associated with default on financial obligations by the Foreign counterparty (Importer) under the export contract for sales of goods, works and services on the deferred payment terms.

Insurance procedure:

  1. Exporter and importer conclude an export contract with deferred payment terms
  2. The exporter submits an insurance application to «KazakhExport»
  3. «KazakhExport» considers an application and concludes an insurance contract with the exporter
  4. The exporter delivers goods and pays the insurance premium
  5. If the importer does not pay for the goods received, «KazakhExport» compensates losses to the exporter




“Bayan sulu” confectionary factory








With the support of «KazakhExport», the factory is currently exporting over a third of its products to Russia, Germany and Azerbaijan. Over 40 Russian companies have entered into contract with the factory and sell Kostanay’s sweets on the territory from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.