Press release

What kind of packaging will draw the attention of the Chinese buyer?

Li Peng, the General Director of the Supply Trading Company told what Kazakh businessmen should pay special attention to when exporting products to China.

At the seminar organized by Sergey Salmanov, a foreign representative of KazakhExport in China, as part of the trade and economic mission of Kazakhstan manufacturers, businessmen of the two countries were also told about the financial instruments of the national export agency of Kazakhstan.

"The most common problem in the sale of Kazakhstan products in China is the quality of packaging materials, " he noted.

"The goods transported from Kazakhstan to China often lose their marketable appearance and look unpresentable on the shelves. China has already formed certain preferences for the volume of packaging. For example, flour with a volume of 2 or 2.5 kg is most in demand, while our producers often export flour with a volume of 5 kg or more. As for drinks, the most sold volume is 250, 330 and 500 ml.", -  Li Peng summed up.

At the moment, with the support of KazakhExport representative office, cotton, honey, juices, mineral water are exported from Kazakhstan to China.

            In addition, with the assistance of the representative office of KazakhExport on the territory of the special economic zone, a meeting was held with the leadership of the dry port, where the TEM participants discussed the provision of preferential tariffs for rail transportation from Kazakhstan to Xi'an.

Chinese businessmen – owners of retail chains, supermarkets, restaurants and online stores were also presented with a range of Kazakh products of the leading exporters of the food industry. Among them: Rakhat JSC, Eurasian Foods Corporation Holding, Eurasia Invest LTD LLP, Pioner LLP, SunPlanetOrganic LLP, SAPA Almaty LLP, Miller & K LLP, Korik ShK LLP, Sultan-Marketing LLP, MarevenFood LLP, PC SEC Myod KZ, Rola-7 LLP, Mutlu Export LLP, Imaktrade LLP, ConcernTsesna Astyk LLP,  and BaiterekTrans-commerce LLP.

            The organizer of the trade and economic mission of Kazakhstani producers was the Foreign Trade Chamber of Kazakhstan with the support of Xian International Trade Promotion Committee and Xian International Chamber of Commerce.