Kazakh food and beverages appeared on the shelves of hypermarket of one of the largest cities in China with a population of 12 million people -Wuhan.

Due to Memorandum between KazakhExport and Wuhan Asia Europe Logistics Co., Ltd signed in the presence of  Bakhyt Sultanov, Minister of Trade and Integration and Xu Honglan, Vice-mayor of Wuhan city in this November, it is now possible to work out in detail the projects for opening of Kazakh shops network in China.
           The initiative was supported by the retail company Wuhan Zhongshang Supermarket Chain Co., Ltd.", in hypermarket of which, the first thematic section in Kazakh national style was opened today. The ceremony was attended by Ruslan Iskakov, Board Chairman of KazakhExport JSC,  Zhang Wanxin, Board Chairman of Wuhan Zhongshang Supermarket Chain Co., Ltd " and Wang Lijun, Board Chairman of Wuhan Asia-Europe Logistics Co., Ltd.
         The section presents products of such Kazakh producers as "Raimbek Bottlers", "Kaz Ir Agro", "Molprodukt", "Almaty Product", "Sultan Marketing", "Arba Wine", "RG Brands"," Eurasian Foods Corporation"," May"," Rakhat"," Paseka"," Novo-Aljansky Melkombinat "and"Tsesna Astyk".
         Wuhan Asia Europe Logistics Co., Ltd." placed a premium on development of Central Asian direction in this year and opened a representative office in Almaty. Meetings of representatives of Chinese company with more than 30 Kazakh manufacturers were organized with support from KazakhExport. Wuhan Asia Europe Logistics Co., Ltd. has already established export supplies of sunflower oil produced in Kazakhstan to Hubei province. And the number of domestic suppliers interested in establishing cooperation is increasing.
       Wuhan Asia Europe Logistics Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Zhongshang Supermarket Chain Co., Ltd - state-owned companies are participants of “One belt – one road” policy. These are modern stores, shopping centers, supermarkets in dozens of cities of Hubei province with a total area of about 550 thousand square meters. In addition, the company has its own transport logistics on the import route to China and a wide distribution network.
      "KazakhExport will assist Kazakh exporters in development of commercial ties in China, in increase of non - resource export of Kazakh finished products and will provide necessary financial instruments, "said Ruslan Iskakov, Board Chairman of  EIC KazakhExport JSC.  

 For reference: Mission of  Export Insurance Company "KazakhExport"  JSC (a member of "NMH "Baiterek" JSC) is to support the growth in export of non-resource goods, services in priority sectors of economy and to form the practices of financial- insurance and non-financial support of Kazakh enterprises.